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Adding a photo, video, emoji to Forum Discussion or Classified

To add an image, video, GIF or emoji to a post or comment:

1.   Go to the forum on your live site.

2.   Click Create New Post to add a new post or select an existing post to comment on it.

3.   Add the relevant text to your post or comment.

4.   Click the icons on the toolbar to add the following:

o    Image: Click the Image iconand select the image you want to upload. After photo is inserted a tool bar will appear at top of photo.  You can resize and do other items.  There will be a blue border around the photo.

o    When finished Hit the Enter button on your keyboard so the blue around the photo disappears. And a Blue X in a circle appears with blinking cursor. You can now add another image, text, etc.

o    GIF: Click the GIF iconto select a GIF.

o    Video: Click the Video iconto upload a video.

o    Emoji: Click the Emoji iconto add an emoji.

5.   Be sure to hit the enter button on your keyboard after each addition.

6.   Whenever the Blue X appears with blinking cursor - you can type text or click the X to get the photo & other icons. After each photo or added item you need to press enter.

7.   When you're ready, click Publish.






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Glad or be back on new site! I noticed that I took third place into photos 2022? Info was correct and I'm honored but the pic was not my boat. 1969 25' Lancer. Now maybe somebody else was the third place photo w the wrong info.. no biggie still found my name?

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