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2024 Regional Rendezvous - Middle Bass Island August 16-18

A Regional Chris-Craft Rendezvous is being held on August 16-18 at Middle Bass Island Marina, Ohio Located on Lake Erie.

All Chris-Crafts are welcome, Big or Little, Pristine or Patinae.

The hosts for this rendezvous are: T.J. Worsencroft, Sam Lillard, Tim Toth

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Commander Club Insurance Opportunity from NAVIGATE Risk Advisors and Hagerty

Navigate Risk Advisors has joined forces with Hagerty Insurance to provide the best coverage for your Chris-Craft and give you the peace of mind you need while on the water. Special program for Commander Club members. Only available through Navigate Risk Advisors.
Program Features:
*Watercraft Liability - Protection and indemnity if you are responsible for injuries to another person, or
damage to their boat or their property.

*Pollution Liability - This helps to cover reasonable cost and expenses and includes damage to property or
cleanup resulting from unintentional spillage of a contaminant.

*Medical Payments -You'll get help with necessary medical expenses resulting from an accident causing bodily injury to any person while in, upon boarding, or leaving your insured boat.

*Paid Crew (Jones Act) - Coverage for legal obligations you have to those that run and maintain your yacht.

*Upon completing the on-line application, the program will review your boaters resume for eligibility in waiving the Boat Survey requirement.

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Latest issue of Styled in Fiberglass is available!

The Styled In Fiberglass Newsletter debuted spring of 2001, over 23 years ago! The premier issue had some familiar names in it, and content that is still interesting today.
The latest issue continues the Styled In Fiberglass tradition with articles including:
More Than Just A Website, THIRD WAVE Helm Refit, The Chris-Craft Commander Legacy, From The Archives: Batteries: Myths and Maintenance, My Story, 2023 Rendezvous Revisited, Awards, Honorees, and Photo Contest Winners!
Have you downloaded the latest newsletter?

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