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Whitney Pillsbury

Public Relations

Young Model_edited.jpg

Port of Call:

South Orange, New Jersey

Commander(s) Owned:

19', 38', 55', Currently 36' Tournament Fisherman


Whitney has been a member since 2000 and served as Membership Chair 2007-2011 and Public Relations Chair 2011-2012. Honored with a Leadership Award in 2012. Whitney owned a 38’ Express, a 19’ Super Sport and a 55’ project boat. Currently without a Commander - he dreams of getting back on the Hudson River. His professional background is in Advertising and currently works for American Express in NYC. Whitney helped design the club’s logo, burgee, many t-shirts and has made videos for the club that have received over 300k views. He’s excited to helm our “Styled in Fiberglass” newsletter again while promoting the club and furthering its mission.

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